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Our SystemOur system is dispatch-based.

This means that a call comes in, and the caller's information is verified by our computer before being transferred out. The call at that point will be routed to the home of the operator he selects, or to the next available operator if she's unavailable, or if he doesn't select anyone.

This also means that you don't have to "troll" in chatrooms or on message boards in order to get your phone ringing. If, however, you're playing a character on our websites, you will need to be logged into our chatroom, interacting with potential callers while you're on the system. You will also receive a "private" number that you may want to self-promote.

All of the operators on the system will have recorded a "voice intro" message, and the vast majority of callers will elect to browse these to choose who he will connect with.

Our operators don't do any credit card verification or have to take any of their callers' information. Your phone rings like a regular incoming call - no calling callers back.

When you answer, you'll hear a "whisper message", that might give you a little bit of information about what your caller is looking for. Press 1 to connect, and that's it!

Calls can last as long as 34 minutes, and callers can use your extension number to reach you again.

If this sounds good to you, call us now at 1-800 Delilah!