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1-800 Delilah pays by the minute. Your per-minute pay rate varies per pay period based on your overall hold time for all calls taken during that pay period.

The minimum you can earn is .25 per minute, and this increases in 5-cent increments to .70 per minute for higher hold times. These higher hold times are not unattainable! We have operators that regularly make these rates.

At .70 per minute, if you have two back to back 34 minute calls in an hour, you've just earned $42 for that hour.

You will also receive an additional $5 for every call that reaches the 15-minute mark in length. Add two of these in to your per-minute rate, and it's been an excellent hour, hasn't it?

Pay is by-the-minute

If you're playing a character on our websites, not only will you have the opportunity to meet with and obtain more callers who are "shopping" for someone to call in our chatroom, but you will also receive your own "private" 800 number! This number will feature YOU on the outgoing message, and any calls that you take on that number will pay an additional .10 per minute, automatically.

If you're not on the system, or unavailable when someone calls in on your number, you will make .05 per minute for someone else handling the call! You can literally make money when you're not even on the system! More about that here.

Calls that don't last at least a minute in length do not count toward your minutes or against your hold time. You have a full minute to grab your caller's attention and random hang-ups can't affect your average.

You are paid from the very first full minute that you talk, once your total comes to $25 or more. We do not hold back any minutes, and there are never any chargebacks (money taken back from you if a caller does not pay).

We will be working as an independent contractor, not an employee.

Payments are made as an independent via direct deposit only, into any bank account or pre-paid reloadable card account.

Sound like something you'd like to do? Call us at 1-800 Delilah!