Building Clientele

One of the best things you can do to build your business is to put together a clientele of regular callers. This will keep you busy during slow times, and has other benefits as well. It is often easier and more enjoyable to talk with a caller you know a bit, then to start all over with a new caller, and it is also almost a guaranteed maxed call.

Keep a notebook and a log of caller names and information! Though many callers will use different names when calling, some won't - and they'll appreciate the fact that you remember information about them.

Familiarize yourself with common fetishes to expand the number of calls you're able to handle and be ready for (almost) anything! If you receive a call about an unusual fetish and you end up "winging it", research the fetish after the call and you'll be able to add more to the conversation next time... callers love this!

COMING SOON: Our website has a chatroom where you can chat with potential callers who are looking for someone to call. You will be able to personalize yourself further to callers by having a profile page on the site, showing off your character and tempting callers to enter your extension when they call. I'll email everyone when this is up and available again!

Accumulate your own little fanbase, and watch the long calls start to roll in!



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