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Get Paid While You Sleep!r

Sleeping GirlWhen you work with 1-800 Delilah, you can literally make money while you sleep!


You can also make money while you're out shopping, dining out at a restaurant, or hanging out with your friends!

When you play a character on our websites, you will receive a "private" number, featuring your voice and extension on the outgoing message. When YOU take calls on this number, you will receive an additional .10 per minute for every minute during that call.

If you aren't logged into the system, or you're unavailable when someone calls your number, you will STILL receive .05 per minute while someone else is taking the call!

This number will appear on your character's page on our website, and you can give it out to your potential callers in our chatroom. You can give the number out to callers that come to you via other numbers through our system. If you're familiar with self-promotion, you can give the number out in chatrooms and message boards.


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