Our System
The Pay
To Apply

1 . Can I really make good money? Absolutely! 1800Delilah uses a graduated pay scale with a minimum of .25/min., up to .70/min. for high hold times. We also pay out an additional $5 for every call that reaches the 15 minute mark, and high-minute bonuses.


2. How busy is 1800Delilah? You can normally expect a minimum of two, potentially 34-minute long calls per hour. Sometimes it's slower and often it's busier.


3. Do you have a holdtime requirement? There is no actual 'required holdtime", but our callers are paying by the minute, so of course we hope that our operators can get the maximum minutes out of every call, while keeping their callers happy. You will also be paid more per minute for higher hold times, and an additonal $5 for every call that reaches the 15-minute mark. Many places charge a minimum amount and therefore it is smart try to get their caller off of the phone as quickly as possible. This is the OPPOSITE of what you should do on calls from us.


4. Can I be charged anything? No. There is no investment required on your part as far as your telephone goes, as long as you already have a landline that can be free of incoming or outgoing calls while you're logged into the system. Long distance is also not required, because we send the incoming calls to you.


5. Can I take calls on a cell phone or mobile phone? No. Due to poor quality of cell and mobile phone reception, we must insist that you use a corded, LANDLINE telephone that plugs into the wall, to take incoming calls.


6. How long has 1800Delilah been around? We've had pay per minute numbers operating since the 80's and have been hiring our own talent since 2004.


7. Do you hire people in Canada, or ouside of the Continental U.S.? Unfortunately, not at this time. We will update this site if that ever changes.


8. Is it dangerous? Not at all. There is no way for your caller to get any information that you don't give him. He dials in on one of our company's 800 numbers and our computers make the switch to you. If you use an alias as most girls do and don't give him your personal information, you have nothing to worry about.


9. Do I have to take caller information, verify credit cards or submit log sheets? Our system automatically takes his info and verifies it before sending the call to you, and it is not necessary to submit any sort of logs.

It is, however, a good idea to keep a log of your calls and your callers. This will help you to recall certain information about your repeat callers, and it's a great way to know ahead of time how much you're making.


10. Can I verify my stats online? We have a website you can go to and find out your current number of calls, minutes and overall holdtime. You'll be given the information to log into that site once you're programmed into our system.


11. Do I need to have experience? Most people have at least some "non-professional" experience which is helpful but no experience is necessary. A great voice, an open mind and an interest in others are what makes one suited for this position.


12. Do I have to sit in a chatroom? No you do not. Playing a character on our website and chatting with potential callers in our chatroom is optional! If you're able to be logged in to our chatroom while working, it's a great opportunity to bring in more callers but again - it's up to you!


13. Do I have to have internet access at all? Internet access isn't a must, but it is very helpful as it is the method I will use most of the time to contact you. I email tips and suggestions, your payroll stats every other week, etc...


14. Does 1800Delilah require set shifts? No - you work when you like - log in anytime, 24/7! To keep your extension active, you will need to log in for a minimum of 10 hours per week, of your choosing... We recommended that you log in for these hours sometime during the beginning or middle of the week, not the very end when EVERYONE is logged in, trying to make their minimum...


15. How soon can I start? Once we have the phone number to the landline that you'll be taking calls on, it normally takes only one or two business days to have you set up to receive calls on the system.


16. Is this a "No Taboo" company? We believe in providing a safe fantasy outlet for all different types of fetishes. Because a caller wants to explore something considered "taboo" on the line does not mean that he would consider carrying it out in real life! The simple the fact that he chooses to discuss it on our line, where he has to give extensive personal information just to get into the system, pretty much ensures that this is simply a fantasy. We hope that all of our Operators are open-minded and willing to discuss anything their caller would like.